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Post by reb on Sun Nov 02, 2008 7:56 pm

having mentioned dna-newbie before, i thought it important to pass this along; i am a member of isogg. no feather pulling required,so, if you been lurking 'newbie', you best use the link...r

Dear DNA-NEWBIE list members,
Kenny and I have been made aware of several issues recently regarding
the DNA-NEWBIE list, and after discussing it, we are implementing some
changes to deal with those issues.

In 2005, at the suggestion of Ann Turner, we established DNA-NEWBIE as a
public list where anyone could join. Within the past month, we have been
made aware of several internet trolls

http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Internet_ troll
<http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Internet_ troll>

on this list who are e-mailing members off-list with requests to join
other forums/lists, etc. One of these even contains anti-semitic
material. We will not tolerate such abuse and solicitation of our list
members and are taking measures to put an end to this.

Since there are now so many public forums/lists available for genetic
genealogy, we are converting DNA-NEWBIE into a private, members-only

Current list members will have until Jan 1, 2009 to join ISOGG or they
will be removed from this list. If you are a DNA project administrator,
then let us know by denoting it on your join form because we have
another list that is just for DNA admins. But you are also welcome to
stay on this list as well.

Since we are working to protect our current list members from trolls, we
have temporarily shut down the archives (not viewable) but will restore
them soon. If you are a "No Mail" subscriber who reads the
archives, then please switch to "Digest mode" for the time
being. We also changed a setting to where list members now have the
option to hide their e-mail addresses which should help curb unwanted
solicitations and e-mail address harvesting. The sacrifice for this was
that list members now have to fill out a Yahoo profile before they can
post to the list.

REMEMBER: If you have not already joined ISOGG, please do so now by

http://www.isogg. org/ <http://www.isogg. org/>

and click on the teal blue "Join" button in the header bar.
ISOGG membership is FREE and always will be. If you have extra money to
spend, spend it on a DNA test because we don't want your money! Just
remember to join by January 1, 2009.

We do NOT want a thread on this message so please send any questions,
kudos, comments, concerns and trolls to us off-list, thank you!

Katherine Borges ISOGG Director
Kenny Hedgpeth Listowner


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