Tom Campbell, Marla Frees, and Laurie Huston

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default Tom Campbell, Marla Frees, and Laurie Huston

Post by RBM on Sat Aug 01, 2015 11:55 am

Some HSP members will be familiar with Tom Campbell, likely through my previous posts of his work. Those that aren't familiar with his work, can get a good introduction to it, from the following youtube video.

I have read Tom's My Big TOE, and generally keep abreast of all his work. He has more than a couple hundred video's on youtube, his own forum and Facebook page, for those interested.

Many HSP's are acquiring information that is useful to them in their path and Tom, Marla, and Laurie do the same for Others.

Here's the link, Tom Campbell: The Language of the Larger Consciousness System :

Tom Campbell, Marla Frees, and Laurie Huston discuss interpreting and communicating in the Larger Consciousness System.

We are all a part of this system, and we are connected to it, hence the phrase ďWe are all one.Ē

This idea is addressed from the science viewpoint of Tomís My Big TOE. (Big Theory of Everything)

Tomís MBT theory models reality as a virtual reality.

The concept of virtual reality is quickly gaining acceptance in the science community. Recently, one of John Wheelerís (physicist) suggested experiments was carried out by physicists at Australian National University.

The result of the experiment concluded that this reality we live in is a virtual reality.

Tom has proposed this concept in his MBT theory giving it the identity R=I. Reality = Information.

His books, a trilogy, were published in 2003.

Part of Tomís work as a physicist for NASA was risk analysis for Large Complex Systems. His work as a Consciousness explorer, which began at what is now The Monroe Institute, allowed him to experiment in the Larger Consciousness System. His unique abilities lead him to his My Big TOE theory.

Marla Frees and Laurie Huston work with the language of the LCS every day, and Tomís viewpoint of their gifts places their abilities in a scientific framework, which has been very helpful to both of them.

I hope you enjoy and find value in this discussion with our special guests! Tomís website Marlaís website Laurieís website The Monroe Institute website Tomís events website

I hope this is useful.

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