The World's Tears

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default The World's Tears

Post by Alethia on Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:30 am

Land of the Great White Cloud

As each one falls
upon the earth
in clouds as one
the hidden worth

The pain of the worlds tears
rested upon my heart,
my ears
my eyes could see
my heart could feel
the weight of tears
the world,
I deal

In wonder,
the eyes behold
all I see, all that was told

Heavens pain
dropped like a bomb
a storm ensued
upon the earths humm

The silence that I once did bear
would now no longer
be compared
Just aware
of it all
silence now my
inner call

Plunged into darkness
not of your own
a world in suffering
was a like a clone

A twin of me
the greater born
awakened darkness
awakened scorn

Immersing back
to where it began
each step walked,
heavens plan
To open up heavens gate
So I could live,
before too late

The clouds they called me home to see
that heaven held a plan to be
To feel the sky,
to feel it whole
the rain it fell,
the clouds they scold

They burnt a great big hole in me
a chasm born of dark clouds to see
the changing tides of heavens hold
blue skies, the sun
storms so cold

The chill,
the freeze,
soaked in rain
the tears of the world
upon me strained...

The weight of heaven
upon my heart
took courage,
strength and love to start

To see the great white clouded land
this place a given, a mighty plan
For those who know the darkest night
the world in tears awakens light

Let the land of great white cloud just be
A deep chasm within, where all I see
Is one in pain, in love of all
the awakened space of the greater fall


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default Re: The World's Tears

Post by Alethia on Fri Jan 03, 2014 9:06 am

A Whine

A barricaded blockade
the ones who suffer without aid

Troubled souls haunted in terror
inflicted in ways that never

bring the loved one home!

Stranded, trapped, without a moan
without a cry for help
inside something dies
not a lot survive

Numbed off, deeply etched scars

The heart switch unplugged
in that opening

Terrorized at that gateway
exhausted avenues
never lead anywhere

Functioning on a fraction
just enough,
to appease alarm bells

"I wonder if the heart
keeps on beating in that space, I am sure it must skip a beat?"

It probably deserves a drink
to drown out any passer byes
dig the knife in deep enough to feel something
a light flicker sets off unrestrained panic!

The barricade walls set- "ground everything to a halt you hear!"
the internal voices all call out in unison...

Pity any one who tries to seize the day
they become lost in a sea of waves
crashing hard against the shoreline

A Whine!"Just give me my wine"
"Battles always get thirsty, DON'T you know this?"

Choked up now, there isn't much time left,just a parody of ideas that don't even tell the real story.

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default Re: The World's Tears

Post by Alethia on Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:39 am

She lost her father closely
she saw a man get hung
she died along with them that day
I imagine she belongs
somewhere in those moments
one with the pain of her lost kin
how will she forge a pathway
from the pain the loss and win?
The only hope is the soldier
who walks towards her bed
He can see her plight
and drowning
He is the hope that she did wed
I hope he can work a spell on her
awaken her back from pain
life moments she endured
life moments killing her now in strain
The hand on the bottle
holds tight, its a comfort
solace and friend
To release the hand
the comfort, the solace
the loss can bend
Bend and break the anguish
of tragedy born and pain
the tragic loss and the anguish
is the loss once more to gain

Dealing with an alcoholic
a drinker who cannot own
her pain, her inner torment
so she drowns
finds herself a home

Her upbeat energy
is filled with wine and song
her heart in that drowning
is drowned out and cant belong

It yearns to simply wash away
the pain and misery
but each drink she takes
washes over her stake
the heart pain she cannot see

The stake it keeps on forging
the pain inside her heart
her brain and mind conditioned
that drink is always the part

That cleanses, washes her pain
that no tears could ever reach
the song of wine more pleasing
to the heart in constant defeat..

I wrote these after speaking to my brother who hopes to resurrect his ex from her pain space and drinking.
He shared he wants to simply speak out say what needs to be said, for his children..

The rest he knows is up to her.

Her work ethics stand alone
she is successful in her own right
she leads and shows the world
that she is gifted with her sight
Her vision in work ethics
is that she has found a way
to feel some connection
to make that pain simply stay
Stay in a place
where no bother
can awaken her heart to sing
I hope he finds the right hand
to deal and help her win.


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default Re: The World's Tears

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