Lest we forget..

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default Lest we forget..

Post by Alethia on Mon Nov 11, 2013 7:41 am

Rememberance day

The fallen, forgotten
souls who died
fighting for our country
some came home alive

Some, they didn't make it
others laid down their arms
in surrender to their enemies
imprisoned and harmed...

So many soldiers died in wars
pulled from their homes
into blood, mess and gore
So many countrymen
alone in that mess
by the wars between nations
many now laid to rest...

Many came home
picked up what they could
got on with life
as they knew they should....

In the scars and the torment
their head and their hearts
must surely have battled
where so much so fast
hit them directly
amidst all that blast...

Men so young,
fresh in their youth
being taught how to kill
being taught how to shoot
Weapons of destruction
to fight for their lives
Every man in war
somehow must die...

Die inside,lose part of himself
no matter the country
no matter the self
Nothing as extreme
would ever leave their nest
in their hearts and their souls
put to such tests...

Explosions, and loss
grief and despair
conditions so extreme
no man can compare
to the greater wars
that inflame our world
that inflame the hearts
of all souls who are hurled..

Their role, their time
in war zones in their prime
struck down, life ended
in graves which remind
Remind us of how war
takes away, leaves pain
in the hearts of many
who fought to remain..

Remain and live in a world they knew
needed their call to fight and do
Do their bit, no matter which way
live out their life or be laid to rest in a grave...

So in rememberance of those laid to rest
for those alive who took on the test
To live out their life,
the pain in their hearts
I salute you as one
with love for your part ...

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default Re: Lest we forget..

Post by Zen on Mon Nov 11, 2013 4:24 pm

Lovely poem!
We call that veteran's day here o.o
My dad is one.

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default Re: Lest we forget..

Post by melodiccolor on Mon Nov 11, 2013 6:00 pm

That poem says it all. Thanks. beatingheart 

Life is complex.  Parts of it are real and parts of it are imaginary.  (read in a novel by Gregory Benford.)

Absurdity is one of the great joys of life.

All you need for a rich life is to see more.

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default Re: Lest we forget..

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