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default HTC support... Ergh

Post by tezorian on Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:39 pm

Me wrote:After i updated my phone to Android 2.3.3. I am no longer able to install anything from the market. It starts to download without a problem, but as soon as it starts to install, my phone freezes completely. I have to remove the battery to restart it. I already did a hard-reset, factory-reset, with/without sim and/or SDcard. Any idea how to resolve this problem? 
Next message cut short, due to verbose information.
HTC support wrote:Thank you for your email, regarding your HTC Desire Z. I find it unfortunate to hear that you are having problems with your phone. We suggest you offer us your phone for repairs.
Some interaction about setting up the appointment with their courier.
me wrote:I just received your invoice, yet my problem is not mentioned. Instead of the problem with installing apps through the market, it says "crackling noises during calls". I had noticed that a long time ago and since i'm calling hands-free, this is NOT a problem. Now i have three option, but none of the options is an option i want. Now my question is, how do i get this software problem resolved, without having to pay anything unnecessary.
HTC support wrote:Thank you for your email. The reason why you received an invoice is because you phone no longer has warranty. In our system it says your phone was bought 22-02-2011. Product warranty is 2 years. Should you have bought it at a later date, you can email proof of purchase to dynafix.
me wrote:It is not about the invoice, but about the repairs. The phone has a software problem, that i want to have resolved. Renewing my speakers is not a solution. How will renewing the speakers, resolve my problem of not being able to install apps from the market? My problem is with the software: The inability to install apps, because then my phone freezes and i then need to remove the battery, if i intend to use the phone again. THe problem on the invoice is for the hardware: Crackling that can be heard during a conversation. It does not bother me and as such is not a problem. I also use a hands-free set. In other words. i can now choose to get my phone back, without my problem being resolved and/or for a repair i did not ask for. Both require me to pay. OR i can choose to forfeit my phone. So it is NOT about the invoice, but about the problem that is on it. That is not my problem, that's a problem ascertained. I would like it, if i could update my phone again and install apps. Which is not possible right now. If it's possible, i would send the repair-department a message saying "Install whatsapp and see what the problem is".

By the way, i just noticed i am communicating in dutch, when it should have been english. If english is prefered, i can switch back to that.
Figuring that it might be a language barrier, because i've translated it. It's originally in dutch.
<using google translate to help translate it>
HTC support wrote:Thanks for your email. Today I contacted the repair center and explained the problem. I have learned that a repair can not be performed partially. The repair involves its entirety. The reason why the "software problem" is not listed, it is because the software always get refreshed during a repair. If you choose to repair the unit will be both faults with be resolved.
me wrote:Just for the record. The software is not renewed unless I choose to repair? I ask this because that is my only shortcoming. Not the hardware, which in my opinion is not only wasted material, but also wasted money. If my problem is indeed not solved, without repair, then I wonder why I have sent my phone. If this is so, I can not speak of a good service, but only a poor service. If the phone can be returned with corrected software, then I have absolutely no problem to pay for it. You can of course understand, why I ask these questions. It does not sound logical, in my opinion, it is not logical. If it is true, that there is no software restored without repair, then I will opt for return without repair. Which will result in that my confidence in the HTC service will take damage.
HTC support wrote: Thanks for your email. If you want to receive the unit back unrepaired, nothing will be done. So no software either. I hope to have informed you sufficiently.
ME wrote:As I stated earlier, I want to have MY problem solved. A so-called solution was offered to me, which does not give me what it promised. From the beginning I stated that it is a software problem and it is said "We recommend to offer us the device for repair". You can of course understand that I'm disappointed in the way things are. Now I gave my trust to HTC, but now I am getting a bill for the transportation of the phone, for research costs and NOT fixing my problem. If solving my problem was no possibility, it would have been fairer to tell me so, instead of offering me this solution. Can you say for yourself that this is a fair practice? Yes, send me my phone back without UNNECESSARY repair.
me wrote:However, now i still have the same question, how do i resolve my problem now anyway?

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default Re: HTC support... Ergh

Post by melodiccolor on Fri Jul 05, 2013 5:27 pm

So you shipped your phone and they didn't repair it? I'd find a phone number or email of the next level of support....or ask for this guy's supervisor at this point.

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