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Post by anarkandi on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:41 am

I lose track of what I want to do, and my goal, and I fail tragically, too aware of my mistakes and limitations in the environment to retain my image of how I want the moment to develop. I need to stay true to my vision, visualise where I'm headed. When the world overcrowds you with eyes watching you, just know that your dreams are always stronger than anything else you've got. If you hold on to it, it'll stay with you. Only when you waver and stop believing in yourself, you lose it, and your power over the environment. So focus. Visualize. Then go get what you want.

I saw a boy in school yesterday fail horribly as he was too nervous, self critical, and let his HSP block him from what he wanted. He's propably an INFJ like me, I resonate alot with him. But I didn't think the same would happen to me seconds later, as I went on stage, doing something I had done many times before, but soon realising I was forgetting words, getting the numbers wrong, and being mocked by the person I was debating. I partially managed to reclaim my bad introduction, but the harm was done. I should have just told myself in the beginning. Ok, Erik, you can do this, just imagine what you want to do, and go and do it. It'll blow people's minds. You have it in you. So stand up and do it.

And that's today's learning opportunity.

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