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Post by anarkandi on Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:28 pm

I watched Life of Pi today, and the story is quite epic, and I really recommend watching it. After the movie, I had quite a few thoughts and realisations, relating the story to myself. Quote is for spoilers. Unqouted is for interpretations.

Life of Pi features a boy lost on a shipwreck, on a boat, with an orangutang, a bengal tinger, and a zebra. Pi fought the storm, the madness, and the challenges that was put forward to him.

Pi never lost his endless fascination for stories, stories about people, religion, and all the unknown, complex things we couldnít understand. He never let himself be bullied by others, but dedicated himself to rising up to whatever challenge people put up to him. And there are a number of ways to interpretting his story. Because what was happening in front of us, at every point of time, was a story, and we knew it was heading forward, even when the ocean was still, we knew it was heading somewhere, and we were fascinated on what would happen next.

The story featured a writer, a writer in search of a story, and how he sought out Pi, who told of his story on the boat. Pi is a storyteller, one with a fascination for the unknown, and as such, he has plenty to tell to people who seek him out. If it is imagined or if it is real, he lets the writer decide. Ofcourse, the story shares itself with all of us, not just the writer.

Itís interesting, I think, because imaginative people do share stories with us, but their message is never really that symbolic, never really that hard to find, itís present throughout the movie, itís never spoken out, but itís following the entire story, and seeks to transform us. Imaginative personalities in stories do use symbols to communicate their inner message, but the symbols only serve to mask it, and to turn the depth that is real, beneath animals, islands, plants, and epic events. To find the true meaning, you only have to look at the animal and feel it.

You can say the movie inspires you to bravely embrace and fight fearlessly for seeing what Pi saw, and that the story allows us to dream and escape from the world for a bit, to see that there is something else beyond the daily occurances in front of us. God holds a constant significance for Pi and the story, and is often referred to. He makes it clear he does not mean a specific god, but any god, and that Pi is open to all gods, no matter what shape, and that he surrenders to them. This allows him to control his ever present fear. Rather than seeing life as one which lacks purpose, he creates it. God for Pi is the one that he tries to topple, he claims he has surrendered, but he never has.

The character, 17 year old Pi, is epic in how he never appears to be acting, always appears to be a true character, truly going into his character. His eyes are so sharp, prepared, imaginative, dreamy, constantly on the target, constantly being like a person that never lets his fate be controlled, never lets the world get the better of him, always rising above it. He fights evil, even his own, and he fights the tiger, but never to kill it.

Pi on the ship, knows itís a storm coming, and his fascination is what helps him survive in the first place Ė he wakes up, and goes out into the thunder and the heavy rain, screaming for more, because the rain is liberating. I too remember doing this as a kid, running out into the thunder, laughingly happy over seeing the epic weather. I too remember parting ways with things that were dear to me for reasons I didnít like and couldnít control, and looking back and hopefully wishing I could return to the comfort that once was, despite knowing I left for a reason.

The storm causes the boat to be crushed beneath the mighty waves that are, killing his family, and forcing him on a boat. Now he not only has the comfort his parents provided, not the home he once was in, but something completely different, a lifeboat, in the storm, all alone with animals he does not know more than as frengers.

It shows how you as a person, can use God as a stage, as the person constantly watching over you, as the one you fight. Without creating God, would Pi have survived? I think not. God gave him his magic, and Pi gave God his existence.

The tiger symbolises the evil.
Pi would never kill the tiger
, though he fears it, though the tiger constantly resists him, and can never be controlled by him fully. They battle one another, but they also need one another. The Bengal Tiger for Pi, is a perfect mirror for his fascination for the unknown. The tiger represents the uncontrollable force of an unpredictable foe, one that Pi may never control, [hide]but eventually still learns to rely on, just as the tiger learns to rely on him.[/spoiler]

How they learn to communicate is symbolic in itself, as a person fascinated by the unknown, you must learn to show fearless resistance, never yielding, even if itís scary, you must make yourself big, scream, establish boundaries, both places where the tiger is welcome (the boat) and where the tiger isnít welcome, and behavior which isnít acceptable. As this proceeds, they eventually get close, and at a point they even cuddle, as both gradually lose hope in the face of never ending challenges and a reality or situation they cannot control or escape from.

They find an island, and at day, the island provides comfort Ė edible food, water, and other living animals. As Pi considers remaining on the island, as it does provide him with everything he needs to survive. Pi finds a carnivourous plant, and within it, a human theeth. He realises that the island is actually a giant, carnivourous island, that will slowly digest him.
This can be interpretted as the point of your story, where you are allowed to breathe, and the comfort of breathing instills fear in you for escaping, and letting the story finish. As you think through it, you realise you canít quit just because of fear for continued horrors and eventual death. Remaining on the
will slowly kill you, so you have to follow your story through, until the end.

And then you win.

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