So weary of this bulls//t re: November election

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default So weary of this bulls//t re: November election

Post by waterdragon7 on Sat Oct 13, 2012 1:00 pm

As a "fifty something," I've grown so tired of this bulls//t being pulled by politicians prior to the election. In this case, by our "governor," Jerry Brown. Thank you, Governor Brown. You just made up my mind for me about Proposition will be a "No" vote because of your stunt changing the numbering of the propositions on our ballots. ALERT for all California politicians: As a voter, I get p.o.-ed like there's no tomorrow whenever ANY of you attempt this type of s//t!:,_State_Income_Tax_Increase_to_Support_Education_%282012%29


Note: Forgot to post the reason I'm this angry now, is under the heading in the above link "Order of ballot propositions".

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default Re: So weary of this bulls//t re: November election

Post by Dreamspace on Sat Oct 13, 2012 3:16 pm

I'd be wary of giving the state any more money, but looks like it isn't allowed to reallocate funds and thus it has to go toward education. Though, the tax is going to affect most Californians rather than target the rich, unless I missed something.

Of course, if you have dedicated educational funds it'll just free up the rest of the coffers for frivolous nonsense, so it'd contribute to the amount of money the government could misappropriate indirectly. Malfeasance isn't going to stop anytime soon, and these bumbling bureaucratic incompetents aren't going to be running things efficiently anytime in the near future.

Whatever the case, if I have to choose between the adult taxpayers who can actually vote these idiots in or children to pay the price for the governments' complete inability to manage resources, I'll choose the former. Maybe getting thrown under the bus isn't so bad if it's at least a school bus.

Oh, and as for the artifice regarding the numbering… I mean really, I sort of just take it for granted they'll do these things. But maybe my lack of indignation regarding that type of deceit is partially why they're able to get away with it. Well, that and the court.

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