40 questions everyone is afraid to ask themselves

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default 40 questions everyone is afraid to ask themselves

Post by Nucky on Mon May 21, 2012 2:10 am

There's this guy I know on another forum who is often crass and pretty rough around the edges, more so than I am. Some of the phrases he frequently uses are "whip your cock out" and "man the fuck up" lol. But he also passes along and shares the most amazingly thought-provoking insights and stories. He's a really cool guy, and everyone who has really tried to get to know him knows that he has this amazing deep side to him. He also passed along the "The Invitation" thread.

40 questions everyone is afraid to ask

Some of the questions I know the answers to, others I haven't quite figured out yet but I am coming close, and still others I can't even begin to answer.

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default Re: 40 questions everyone is afraid to ask themselves

Post by tezorian on Mon May 21, 2012 1:56 pm

I like this one and decided to answer them. However, it raises the question, how many people are afraid or unable to answer them truthfully?

1. I have no idea. I hope so though.
2. Not daring to do what i want to do.
3. Yes, there are still fears and past experiences left.
4. As long as we would both feel right about it.
5. Living is doing what you want to do, existing is just thinking about what you want to do.
6. Because we are taught failure is a bad thing and maybe we're being more afraid of success.
7. I would like make a change in people's lives. Be it with a smile or by giving something else they might need at that time.
8. Partly answered by 6. Either way, you don't know until you try and some thing are more fun trying to reach, rather than finally get there.
9. We're not seeing what we value the most, we fail to see what we need the most.
10. Answered in the previous question. And... because "they" expect us to.
11. Nothing.
12. fear.
13. Can't seem to find an answer for this one yet.
14. If it's holding you back.
15. I matter, because i care.
16. I think this answer is still none, but it can't be none. 5. "Friends" is what's messing up this question Smile
17. Yes, more and more.
18. Making a difference.
19. Spend it on bills.
20. Still in the same spot.
21. Less attractive and extremely intelligent.
22. LOL. A lot of things. Most of them would be hurting the ones i love. Deliberately.
23. More self-esteem. Insight in what i defintitely do NOT want. Quite a few good talks. Appreciation and acknowledgement. Proof that if you try, you can do more than you think. 2 relationships and quite a few head-on collisions Smile (Probably more, but these stand out)
24. Nothing. However, i may understand, it doesn't mean that i get it.
25. None. However, if it's "want", than it's finding a purpose and belief/trust in myself.
26. Too many times.
27. Finding a job.
28. By not believing enough in myself.
29. Nothing.
30. Trying to make people change or make them see a different point of view.
31. If you're willing, you can change.
32. The most obvious one right now is lighting another cigaret.
33. Be hurt, be disappointed and hope you'll be allowed to express your feeling anyway. And of course, hope it may change.
34. Myself.
35. To live my life as i want to. (but this may change in the future, although i don't see how)
36. Don't go.
37. Living as a fear-controlled person.
38. 1 second, i guess.
39. Accept it.
40. See 37.

Wondering where i am and if i'm really there.

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default Re: 40 questions everyone is afraid to ask themselves

Post by unicorn13 on Mon May 21, 2012 2:35 pm

Thanks Nucky, great link... Have shared on Facebook as it's similar to things I like to share there...

Also interesting that I know a guy like you describe (not HSP though, just a friend of a friend) and it always amazes me the contrast in what comes out of his mouth...

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default Re: 40 questions everyone is afraid to ask themselves

Post by jasmine on Mon May 28, 2012 8:04 pm

1. No. I'd like to go to the beach, preferably in Maryland.

2. Not finding someone I connect to and love to be around and vice versa.

3. Some days I am, some days I let go. So part of me still holds on.

4. We wouldn't be friends. I'd probably punch her in the face.

5. Living - you're doing both what you want and have to do. Existing - you're doing what you have to do.

6. I think there's some sort of natural thing for some people to not want to make a mistake or face that disapproval, etc. At the end of the day, it's no biggie, but it's unpleasant.

7. I want to leave this world a more aesthetically beautiful place, a less judgmental place, a more understanding, respectful, CONSIDERATE place.

8. Haven't stretched myself far enough yet.

9. We're not seeing all the small things for what they really are. Truly small, petty things.

10. Because of our own neuroses.

11. Don't have any enemies, per se, but I probably not much different.

12. Mean people in your life.

13. My own misgivings about myself...my identity.

14. If it hurts so much that you can barely live (as opposed to exist) -- then it's time to let go.

15. I matter because I'm an encourager, a supporter, I believe in people. I'm optimistic about change and evolving. I give hope to others.

16. One. Absolutely.

17. I'm happy with who I am, sans all the worrying. Well even though I worry, I'm relatively happy with myself.

18. My power. That I could really be everything I've always wanted to. Why does that scare me? Because I'm so used to sitting on the sidelines (even though that's uncomfortable for me,) and being what I think I *should* be.

19. Of the kibbles and bits I currently earn, I used to spend most of it on hair shxt and clothes I didn't need, to impress people I didn't know. But I've gotten out of that habit and started saving.

20. Probably working at a newspaper, living at home...two things I DON'T WANT.

21. Probably extremely attractive and less intelligent. Which is awful and glad I don't get to make that choice!

22. I know what it is, and I'm trying to make myself stop paying for it.

23. Meeting people from all walks of life.

24. Why being single is so bad. Why getting all spruced up and go out to the club just to meet guys is supposed to be a fun experience. Why jumping from relationship to relationship is comfortable. Why, just because we have a rapport, you have to ask me out. Why there aren't strict laws against the paparazzi. Why a bride-to-be has to get approval from all the women she takes with her to get her wedding gown, instead of choosing the dress she loves best. How people can "talk" to different people, or date multiple people and establish mini-relationships with them all. I really don't understand that.

25. Fully let go of the past and live my life my way.

26. Same situation as #22.

27. Sending this email. Ugh -_____- plz!

28. I keep myself in a box, even if I don't want or need to be there.

29. It's more like what I wish wasn't true. That people can be so conniving, mean, nasty, disgusting, ulterior motived (lol)...

30. Having the natural hair I want, lol. My hair is what it is, it ain't changing.

31. To be strong, even if its uncomfortable or undesirable.

32. Believing other people are inherently better than me.

33. I hold on, thinking that'll change something. But it's best for everyone to just let it go.

34. Trying to change things I just can't change! Accepting that I can't change it.

35. Be in a loving, connected relationship.

36. Let it go...move on...accept...

37. Living a painful existence.

38. Lol. Good question. Maybe a week.

39. Ignore them.

40. Worrying it away, and letting the wrong things motivate you.

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default Re: 40 questions everyone is afraid to ask themselves

Post by wstein on Mon May 28, 2012 10:03 pm

I did not find I was afraid to ask or answer any of these questions. I would rather have some better answers but there is no fear in that. Most of them I have asked before.

1. Of course not, no need to worry about consequences. The problem is as always you donít know.
2. That I might be stuck here forever.
3. Of course, just not sure what it is.
4. Forever, would welcome it.
5. Existing is to continue, living is to express yourself while existing.
6. Cause its painful and often costly.
7. None.
8. ĎItí?? Depends on what Ďití is.
9. We are blind to many things regardless of our speed. Sometimes you miss out by not getting there.
10. Cause if we donít life is even shorter. Because we lack what it takes to do all those we like.
11. Nothing.
12. Not being yourself.
13. Nothing, question doesnít make sense.
14. If I am looking forward to it again.
15. No.
16. All of them.
17. Mostly.
18. Being too powerful.
19. Save it so I donít have to work again.
20. Canít say where the breakthroughs will lead.
21. Donít want my child to be. Extremely intelligent
22. Stayed too long in places.
23. No job, retired. Previous jobs, respect.
24. What other people are saying.
25. To find a better living situation.
26. I usually speak up.
27. Typing out answers to the rest of these questions.

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default Re: 40 questions everyone is afraid to ask themselves

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