One aspect of "information overload" on the internet...

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default One aspect of "information overload" on the internet...

Post by waterdragon7 on Fri Sep 02, 2011 7:25 pm

from a newspaper interview with author Nicholas Carr. It runs three webpages, but is quite worthwhile:


Nicholas Carr is also the author of an article, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" from an issue of the Atlantic Monthly.

You can read "Is Google Making Us Stupid" here:


Nicholas Carr's own blog information regarding this article here:


And finally a Wikipedia page discussing this article here:


I've actually been cutting down on my own internet use, starting about the middle of last month. The websites visited on a daily basis declined from approximately sixty to approximately fifteen. The other forty-five sites are still perused, but now only about once or twice per month. And perhaps another forty-to-sixty sites are visited once per quarter. The total is but a very tiny fraction of all the sites available on the 'Net, but I've been much calmer these past few weeks after this personal experiment.

The information provided in these links can be applied to some interesting debates, e.g., the advantages/disadvantages of eReaders vs. paper books. Such as having to kill innocent trees to produce paper for old-style books vs. having to kill innocent electrons for eBooks. Or as suggested in some of the above links, paper books lending themselves to much more contemplative thought vs. eBooks.

Most ironic to me, is that after searching for "internet information overload 2011 articles," is even with the few links above, I'll never have sufficient time to contemplate all of the information provided regarding this one topic! study


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