Scientific evidence for connection between mind and matter

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default Scientific evidence for connection between mind and matter

Post by RBM on Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:05 pm

Since I was a young adult I always paid attention to what was labeled as an 'anomaly'. To me, it shone a light on doorways to new knowledge.

The label is used in the general lexicon a bit differently than it's used in the various sciences. Regardless of which use one uses I think this is a valuable clip to 'push the envelope' of knowledge a bit further.

I learned of the author, Martin Peniak, and his site through the My Big Toe (MBT) forum. He admires the work of the MBT author, as I do. Martin is very deeply into science as a quick browse around his site will uncover. Here is his opening for the clip:

Consciousness being created by the brain has not been a successful theory. There is an increasing number of anomalies clearly showing that there is much more to consciousness that is generally accepted by the mainstream science. Such anomalies were largely researched by for example HeartMath institute, US Army, PEARlab Princeton, Tiller, Laszlo, Goswami, Talbot, Sheldrake, Radin and many others.

The creation of the video below was inspired and based around these anomalies and their experimental results from various fields such as quantum mechanics, biology, neurology and astronomy. It emphasises the role of fractal geometry on the formation of the universe and offers an alternative model for explaining and unifying these anomalies through the growing field of digital physics.

Scientific evidence for connection between mind and matter


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