We have some new toys to play with

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default We have some new toys to play with

Post by melodiccolor on Fri Jan 15, 2010 2:57 am

If you go to post reply instead of using the quick reply box, you'll notice a bunch of new icons and functions. We can now use bullet points, center align and other word process functions, insert tables and that green film icon is to embed video into a post. There is still more to figure out up there. mrgreen

In addition, we have two new special emoticons added tonight. Some time ago, Blue Topaz and Reamsie created the waaaambulance for when things get upsetting and you need to "waaaa" or vent, lol. At Reamsie's request, we made it into an emoticon for all to use.

Under silly smileys, you will find a Dr Who smiley!

Finally, I started a thread some time ago asking for suggestions for new emoticons as we have some space. We only got one suggestion so far, and we want a lot to pick from so we can vote on the ones we want the most. We can change the mix of what is already there too to free up more slots if a lot of great stuff gets submitted. http://funhsps.niceboard.org/forum-construction-site-f1/emoticons-t1635.htm

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default Re: We have some new toys to play with

Post by Alethia on Sun Jan 17, 2010 3:17 pm

Hey I wonder if we could find a "take a bow" emoticon.......that would be cool......considering some of us use this place as our "moment of fame".Hehe.......hey did I say that...........anyways just a happy smily curtzy or happy smiling bowing person would be cool.............

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