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Post by Alethia on Fri Jan 08, 2010 7:43 pm

I was guided to post this here........someone besides myself might need to read today.



From "Crossing Over":

"ARRIVING IN A NEW DIMENSION / Creating the New World

The first phase of our journey was all about bringing up the
vibration of the planet, by transmuting the denser energies through
ourselves, attempting to bring in new and higher vibrating ways and
systems, healing and assisting others in bringing up their
vibrations, and basically, moving and shaking the energy on the
planet as much as possible.

Much of the time, whether we realized it or not, these tasks were
performed simply through our presence alone, and no intent was even
necessary. This is why so many of us relocated so many times to
different geographical locations, and found ourselves with
individuals, systems, and other varying scenarios that vibrated
much lower than we did. Our own personal energy and vibration was
needed in order to assist with this massive undertaking.

These times and these roles, then, are now complete and forever
gone. In this way, much has changed and really, things will now be
quite different. We have finally and completely left the old
reality behind, along with our prior purpose, and now find
ourselves perhaps wondering what in the world will happen next,
what our new roles are all about, and even confused about what we
want to create for ourselves; or maybe even very excited about our
very new lives!

Before we can create anything in the new world, we vitally need to
complete a very first step before anything can even manifest for
us. This first step involves becoming very clear about who we are,
what we are here to contribute, and what it is that we really and
truly desire for ourselves.

It is vitally important then, to really know who we are and what
our purpose is, because we will utilize our soul purpose to create
our store-fronts, as well as to determine how we will fit into the
new communities of higher living and being.

In addition, we can certainly create whatever we choose, and it
does not necessarily need to fit into the model of the new
communities and into the model of our store-fronts. When the line
was drawn in the sand, we were given choices...choices about
integrating back into the mainstream, moving forward in alignment
with our soul purpose and plan, or even leaving altogether through
the physical death process.

In addition, with the advent of the big explosion that the solstice
of June 2009 created, each and every one of us was thrown out of
our old grooves, landing in very new territory, with very different
connections to those around us. There was then much more space in
between our brothers and sisters, and connecting then, related to
who was at our specific vibrational level and purpose. For some of
us, there was really no one then around us that felt right or in
alignment with where we were (notably, the forerunners), and for
others, a new space was created with much company and much of the
same in regard to what we had been doing in the past.

What feels right and looks right may vary for each and every one of
us. How do we know and identify then, what it is that we really and
truly desire?

In times past, we were strongly guided by source, our star families
of origin, and the universe. At times along the way, we may have
thought that we really and truly wanted something, and found to our
dismay, that what we wanted simply could not and would not manifest
for us. There are several reasons for this scenario, and when you
understand why, it all makes sense:

1. The group energy, or one mind of all of us who created and who
are experiencing the ascension process, made a plan, and thus,
needed and agreed to follow this plan each step of the way. As
things progressed (and notably, at times, did not progress), we
tweaked and molded the plan according to the situations then
present, so in this way, although there has always been a general
plan, the path there was always open to change and flexibility. As
mentioned so many times in this e-book, things did not progress as
we had hoped, and if even at all, extremely slowly. So then, we
pulled out all the stops, placing ourselves in every situation we
could, in order to ensure the success of our plan. This was our
main goal during this first phase; our goal was not to manifest for
ourselves, all of our heart's desires, as it was not yet time for
this particular phase. We were dedicated to our purpose then, and I
believe that most of us gave it our all. In this way, whenever we
may have felt that it was time to manifest a community, or a
beautiful sacred space, or a new and special spiritual retreat, or
even much of anything for ourselves alone, we were at times unable
to do these things in the ways that we expected. Why, then, was it
so hard to manifest during these times?

A. We were being guided and assisted by our souls and our star
families, who knew more than we did at the time. I remember a time
several years ago, when I was asked to go to a specific spot in
nature, with a massive waterfall flowing over a large mountain, in
order to connect to the special energy there and to bring it more
fully into the planet. I have never believed that we were meant to
be ordered around against our will for these strange duties, so I
declined. Later that day, my grandchildren and I were trying to
decide where to go for a day in nature. Oddly enough, we ended up
right at that particular spot anyway! Bringing in and assisting
with the energies in order to raise the vibration of the planet,
was our sole (soul) purpose during this first phase, seemingly
whether we liked it or not! In this way, many of us ended up in
places and situations we may not have chosen by our conscious

B. We could not manifest at times, because we would soon rapidly
evolve out of our current desires, and would then have to back out
or re-do or un-do what we had just manifested. This is one of the
main reasons that we were blocked at times. Also, manifesting
strictly for ourselves alone, without regard to the whole, was not
in alignment with our purpose during the first phase, but that
situation has now changed to a degree. This will be more fully
explained further on in this e-book.

C. We could not manifest at times, because it simply was not yet
time. The vision that many of us have held, in regard to creating
the original blueprint for the earth, as this is really what some
of us came to do, was simply not ready to be hatched until we
reached a certain frequency within ourselves and within the planet.
Many tried to create specific things, but they frequently fell
apart, disbanded, or could never get off the ground at all. It was
simply not yet time, as we were still involved with the first
phase. And even though many of us were quite ready within
ourselves, we still needed to wait for the critical mass situation
to be complete before we could be released, in order to then move
into something very new; alas, our very new roles, or for some,
their own version of heaven on earth.

These are but a few of the reasons that we have been held back for
so long. And these are reasons as well, that common manifesting
techniques and manifesting knowledge simply would not work as they
should have in certain situations. The soul always pulls rank on
the law of attraction, for instance, as soul level anything
vibrates the highest. Our souls and soul plans always run the roost.
So then, during the first phase of our journey, many of us learned
to depend greatly upon surrender, or rather turning things over to
a higher power that seemed to know more than we did. We came to
know that getting out of the way, was a sure fire way to allow
source to enter and to assist us in every way. This was because
source energy held more light than we ever could at that time. And
depending upon source energy to assist and support us in getting
our needs met, was seemingly the best way we knew how to create.

Many times, trying to force things along by wanting our own way, by
pushing and manipulating, and by making things happen ourselves,
never seemed to accomplish anything except to make us tired,
exhausted, disappointed, and stressed. These were ways of the past.
We had learned to utilize the energy of source, and in this way,
had made great progress in regard to creating in tandem with source
energy, and most assuredly, in opening and allowing it to fill us
more and more as we released more and more of the denser energies
within us."

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default Re: Wings..........

Post by Alethia on Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:53 pm

I felt guided to post this one too.......maybe for someone else other than me..hehehe

Creating the New Reality...Completing Step One
January 8, 2010


The beautiful energy is here at last, if ever moving in oh so slowly. Like a heavenly tonic moving into our bodies, one cell at a time, it is ever so slowly filling us up and merging us with our very new and magical Planet Earth.

With our new Mother Earth now in a very new higher vibrating space, we are in the process of becoming one with her, and with our new space in the cosmos as well, and most assuredly, with our true and authentic selves. This step-by-step process is a vital piece for creating the very new foundation beneath our feet, as we cannot move forward or begin the New Reality until we complete some very important steps first.

So then, backing out of our old ascension roles, and most importantly, out of those spaces many of us went back to, in order to raise the planetary vibration as a last ditch effort, has been a process in itself. Even though we may be physically out of those spaces, we still need to energetically back out of them none-the-less. This is not the same as transmuting and releasing energies within us. This is very different as we went “back” into some darker energies where we had not been for quite awhile, and now we need to energetically “back out” of them, as parts of them are still in our awareness. This can cause fatigue, but as a group, we are nearly done now. Some have been done for awhile, others are very close to being complete.

The grounding in process that we are now experiencing is creating the new space that we are now embodying, or preparing to embody. Some symptoms of grounding can be felt as a feeling of being “down” and low, or rather not flying around up in the higher realms as some of us normally do. But the grounding is great, because once we are done, we will then open portals around us that will create openings for the higher realms, or higher beings, to come to us. Heaven will now be here, so we will not have the desire to go somewhere else “up there.”

We may also find that we have new desires to get physical. Walking, working out, exercising, and muscle toning, or simply really moving a lot can now be present. In addition, we may begin to gain some weight again, as we are subconsciously wanting to have a denser form that will keep us “down here,” like an anchor. In general, we may have a lot more energy now than in times past, and we may also want to be part of the physical world as well.

Our foundations may also be beginning to take shape. Things in our lives may be experiencing a re-structuring in order that they now fit us in every way, or at least, support the new endeavors and new “us” that is now emerging. Backing out occurred so that we could “come back” to our true and authentic selves. Because of this, we may experience a time when we simply do not wish to connect to anyone, as we need to be free and clear, in order to experience our true selves, and anchor in to that energy, before we begin to connect to others. Being in the presence of many others at the same time can thus feel like a great irritation, like we are swatting at flies, or at best, make us unusually irritable.

We are in a very New World now. We left the old world energetically in September of 2009, and as the weeks progressed, the entire planet split off and moved somewhere else in order to begin again. “But things still look the same to me!” you may be thinking. We had to start somewhere. We could not start with nothing, as that space of nothingness can be very uncomfortable for many, as some of us well know. So then, we held the “illusion” of the old reality in our conscious minds. What we remember and still hold in our minds, is what we will see. This is how energy works. We are basically in some kind of new reality “overlay” right now. A sort of duplicate of the Old World while we begin to create the New World. Nothing can exist unless we think we see it. I wrote a lot about this in my first books, and it is so nice to finally be back to that energetic space once again as a planet. And when we hold the Old World in our conscious minds, it will not only continue to exist, but will continue to create itself with where it is.

So then, what is happening is that we are keeping the Old World alive right here, while we begin the process of creating the New World. It is quite amazing to see how this process will unfold. First, we begin creating within ourselves. We restore ourselves to our true and authentic selves, or rather, who we came to be when we were born into a physical form this time around. The first phase of the ascension process spun off as much density as possible within us, so that our true and authentic selves, or what I commonly refer to as our “gold nuggets,” are what remained. And even so, we may have found that we are still uncovering aspects of ourselves which are out of balance with the New World. It seems to never end… aye!

But it does get better, because now that we are in a new vibratory reality, we will very naturally come into balance. I have been having this experience a lot of late. All that pushing energy in November and December brought much to my awareness of where I was personally “off,” and where I really needed to grow and expand. This time was emotionally painful for many. This experience of becoming aware of our density, or the lower vibrating aspects of ourselves, usually occurs when there is density surrounding us which can re-activate any lower vibrating dormant energies within us, or when there is a lot of pushing energy going on.

But what is occurring now, is that in a beautiful and magical way, these imbalances are correcting themselves, as these new and slowly moving energies begin to fill us up. No more intentional healing and fixing is really necessary then. I have never really seen this occur before (except when twin souls get together), and it is quite beautiful to experience. We are simply becoming a good and better fit for the New World, and these energies of the New World are what is making this happen. With higher vibrating energies surrounding us now, anything left within us that vibrates lower and had previously gone dormant with the first ascension phase, will no longer be activated. It is a very graceful and divinely beautiful process, and personally, I like it much better!

So back to how things are currently set to evolve: We will “expand out” with our new energy. First, we become our true and authentic selves, and then we move out from there. As these higher vibrating energies within us begin to build upon themselves, they will naturally “push out” and take up more space while they also add on more tendrils that relate to our true and authentic selves. And as they slowly and surely do this, a New Reality and New World will be created…one that will replace the illusion of the Old World that we are still keeping alive within our minds. It is a beautiful flowing and divinely graceful process. And one that was designed to create the new reality with ease and comfort!

Of course we can do this quickly if we choose, but that might make some of us feel a little crazy, and all these dimensional changes and openings make us crazy enough anyway. But ultimately, the choice is an individual one. I have finally been unpacking the last of my things and really becoming one with my new house. I recently bought a large home, as I have always had a dream, and was also guided that the time was finally here, of having a place that would be filled with many people and be a new reality all in itself. I have really been getting into the vision of my house of late, and with this, it is really growing as I continue to unpack and consult with contractors about needed changes for the future.

I woke up the other morning and smelled a wonderful breakfast cooking (I had gotten so involved with my vision that it even took form with smells!), and immediately and unintentionally jumped into a future reality where everything was completely different here, as it will be in times to come. I felt it with all my senses, and it was very real, as if it was happening right then and there. It was quite evident that I was in a very different space and reality. I had jumped into the future because I had been involved with it the most. Again, what consumes our thoughts will naturally place us there. I have not done any dimensional jumping for a while now, at least for the past two years since, uh, you know what was happening for so many of us with going back into the darkeness! For me, it was too much too soon, and a bit crazy making as well. I like to naturally grow into things, step-by-step, as in this way, I am then in alignment with them in all ways.

When we create new realities, what happens is that when enough of us share the same vision, it then becomes the norm for the whole. In this way, after we really anchor in within us, who we are and what we want our New World to look like, we will then begin connecting to others who have a commonality with us. As things progress, we will then begin creating new realities as we come together to form grids and shared foundations.

Our creating abilities are immense right now. I cannot tell you how many times I have had a thought or passing wish, and then it has shown up. Fine tuning and learning how to utilize the energies for optimum, focused, and appropriate creating will become a hot topic in times to come. And mastering the art of bouncing in and out of realities will be interesting, at best, until we get the hang of it. (I am experimenting with a lot of this now, simply because it seems to be occurring for me naturally and all on its own, but there will be those who will be much better guides and masters of this new way of creating than I will be!)

Dimensional jumping and telepathy are really returning with gusto for me of late, but I have been wired for this all my life. What this is indicating for me, is that we are returning to our true and authentic selves, after so much time with the first phase of the ascension process. What is very new, is the immediacy of creating. This has been very exciting and interesting to participate in. This experience of creating so quickly is occurring now because of our new residency in the higher realms, and what fun it can indeed be!

As we progress into a very new reality, over time, we will eventually come to find that creating money will no longer be necessary, as we can fully create without it. If the whole eventually grasps and becomes comfortable with this way of being, it will then become the new reality. And as always, it is entirely up to us how we will come together to create, and what we will come together to create. There will be, as always, forerunners who will forge ahead to show us the way, and in the beginning, our creations will likely be individual ones as we become familiar with these new and exciting ways.

Right now, for some, a “going back” was necessary before a move ahead was possible. For these souls, they did indeed jump across to the New Planet Earth, but before they will be able to move immediately into their new roles as the creators of our new planet, they needed to complete some soul scripts first. They were most certainly “allowed” to come on board, as it was their own soul decision, but now they just have a little catching up to do. In this way, it may appear that they have “gone backwards” into the old reality, but what they are actually doing, is having the experience that they came to have in the Old World, as it will balance their own energy and create a completion within themselves. They are having this experience in the “Old World Overlay,” not in the Old World that we left behind. These souls decided that they wanted to be a part of the New World, so in this way, they are now doing what is necessary to ready themselves for alignment. The difference between these souls and the souls who did not cross over, is that these souls are very willing and very ready to make the needed adjustments and changes within themselves. This will happen very quickly now for these souls, because of the surrounding energy that they now exist within.

The earth was created as a place for experiencing and creating…or rather experiencing our creations. So in this way, the souls mentioned above are simply having their experiences with all their senses and while in physical form. They could, perhaps, complete this process energetically alone, but having the physical experience was designed to be much more fun, and it also makes it much more real.

While I was in North Carolina with my family over the holidays, we spent some time playing some Wii games. I have to say, that I never had so much fun! I had no idea what Wii even was, and when my daughter first explained that we could play baseball through a television screen, I thought, “But that is a virtual reality that would exist in our minds! What about our physical form? What about being here on the earth?” She soon corrected me by explaining that the games are on the screen with players, but each person who played the game, got to literally swing a bat, throw a bowling ball, or even hit a tennis ball with an instrument they held in their hands while the action manifested on the screen. So then, our physical forms were very involved. It was a great game to play while it was snowing outside. Still not having a complete physical experience, but a half-way one, none-the-less.

Eventually, we will be able to simply create in form what we desire to be around us, and then have the corresponding experience that we desire. For me, when I found myself in a different reality inside of my home, it happened too quickly, and even seemed out of my control, as I did not expect it and it took me by surprise. This is what the first phase of the ascension process did for many of us. We were creating, or rather navigating at our soul levels, and being that there is not a huge preponderance of people who are acutely connected to themselves at soul levels quite yet, this time became very confusing and created a seemingly powerlessness scenario.

This is why it will be vitally important that we learn and grow, and master energy when we are ready, and when we are indeed in alignment with our very next step of evolutionary expansion.

So what is right before us now? January 15th. A pivotal day, if we choose to utilize the energies that this day will provide.

On January 15th, Mercury resumes its forward movement, we will experience a solar eclipse, and there will be a new moon….all on the same day! Going forward into our new direction will be greatly supported by the loving energy of these celestial bodies. What support we will have. Things are moving ahead indeed, as we set our course for a very new reality.

With much love and gratitude,

Wink Wink Wink

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