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The Constitution of our ForumMission statement:This is primarily a forum for highly sensitive people, but all are welcome here in our virtual town. We believe that all who come here have a right to free expression (within legal bounds and with reasonable respect of others). There must be a balance between free speech and the consideration of the feelings of others. Our virtual town is a place where people can enjoy themselves, laugh, create, engage in stimulating discussion, make friends and get help and emotional support from one another.Forum Rules:This forum is a bit different in that the board members will aid in helping to keep this a place that remains friendly to its members.The administrators and moderators will only take action when things start to get out of control in a dispute and it is clear that the problem will not resolve itself, but only worsen. Depending on the severity of the problem, moderators will first try to resolve things by talking to the affected parties privately. If that doesn’t resolve things or the problem is more severe than that, then moderators or administrators may freeze a thread, set up a “town meeting” in order for members to vote after laying out the problem and some possible solutions. During this time, people involved in a dispute are asked to not talk about it on the forum. If they persist, they may be temporarily banned.There will be exceptions, when administrators and moderators will take unilateral action, including bannings, both temporary and permanent, and the deletion of posts. These are for the most serious of offenses, such as illegal activities, trolling, flaming, breaking host rules, etc. (See Legal Rules)Legal Rules:Please be aware of the fact that the law may require this forum to make available to legal authorities private & personal information that's been entered here. Other than through hacking or other security breaches, that's the only time such information will be released.Posting personal information such as real names and phone numbers is a questionable idea on the internet. While you're free to do so for yourself if you choose, members are forbidden to post personal information about others in the forums. If personal information needs to be communicated between members, do so in private, via email or private messages.It's not permissible to harass, stalk or threaten anyone on this forum, whether those actions are considered legal or not. We reserve the right to delete such posts without warning, and may contact and/or discipline the poster about such things. This rule isn't limited to posts in the forums, but includes harassment via private messages or any other means facilitated by this forum.Plagiarism and other copyright violations are also forbidden. People will be posting original work on this forum, and their rights to that material should be honored. No one has the right to distribute someone else's work without permission. While posting of copyrighted work is allowed, proper credit must be given to the material's creator, and such things will be removed if the creator requests it.